Bee & Wasp Exterminator Orange County, CA

  • We care about your home. +We lay plastic down on the floors to prevent any honey from dripping.
  • Close up doorways to prevent bees from going throughout the home.
  • We ensure that all honey comb and honey is removed from the hive.
  • We elaborate on our elimination process.
  • We will go in depth on how we extract.
  • We welcome all and any questions before, during, and then we extract.
  • Our cuts are precise because we use infrared cameras (see image on left) and stud finders. Which makes it simpler for you to fix the sheetrock.

The Southern California Exterminators Difference

  • We'll relocate the honey bees to a nice home and look after them.
  • We conserve as many bees as we can and take all precautions in order to conserve the largest about of bees possible.
  • During the elimination we use a custom made bee vac which has a window so that we can check on the bees.
  • During some extractions, we can not even need to use the bee vac as we can be capable of making the bees "march" right on into the box.
  • In our apiary, we plant as many blooming flowers that we may in order to give nectar to the bees.
  • In case the hive is never sprayed, we will gladly give you a few of the honey comb. (please don't spray- it is not worth it for many reasons).
  • We will keep as much brood (restricted mammals) and comb as we can to ensure an easy transition to their new home.
  • As you can tell in the image to the right, the bees get to ride front seat on the way home with atmosphere on to assist in preventing big hives from over heating.

Removal Service

There are 3 kinds of Removal Service which we provide.

  • Cut Outs (can be accessed out of sheetrock or outside of building/home).
  • Trap Outs (Difficult to get in locations, like brick/cinder blocks.
  • Swarm Removal (a "ball" of bees, usually on a limb/side of house).