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rodent controlThe “Rodent Family” is a blanket term that covers nearly 2,000 species and many different families of rodent. Rats, gerbils, crested rats, gophers, moles, old world rats, and mice are only a few of the rodents included. Rats and rodents can transmit a large number of serious diseases and introduce disease-carrying parasites including fleas and ticks. Rodents reproduce rapidly, meaning that your rodent problem can turn into an infestation quickly. Because of their disease carrying potential, it is advised that only professionals with special equipment handle rodent removal.

The Southern California Exterminator's Certified Rat Proofing & Rodent Control Program has 4 Key Steps:

#1 – We carry out a thorough inspection of the mobile home, traditional home, or business to identify three factors:

  • The species of rodent
  • Where they’re nesting
  • What factors are attracting them

#2 – We create effective sanitation and repairs to eradicate the factors that are attracting the rodents. Rodents are attracted by food sources, they prefer carbohydrate and sugar-rich foods such as potatoes, cereals, cakes and sweets. Trash and food left in unsealed containers attracts rats and mice for food while bedding and other soft items are attractive as nesting.

#3 – We eliminate all potential rodent entry points and hiding places. Rodents and vermin want to remain unseen and protected while finding their food and nesting materials. Sealing off hiding places and entry points helps to ensure that no new rodents enter your home or business in the future.

#4 – We then reduce the rodent population by applying poison, bait, and setting traps. Once we’ve completed all 4 steps we then can guarantee our work through our regular service plans. We’ll certify your home for 1 year and during that time any necessary spot treatments or follow ups will be covered. You’ll never have to worry about rodents or vermin again.

Keep your Property Safe with Regular Maintenance from Southern California Exterminators.

We’ll ensure that your property stays rodent free with our annual checkups and complementary spot treatments. You never have to worry about rodents in your mobile or traditional home or on your business property again. Give us a call today to get started with your free inspection today.