The Signs of Pest Infestation in Your Home

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Mice, cockroaches, and termites…a home’s worst nightmare. These are just some of the pests that take over your home and may potentially harm you and your family’s health. Many critters do structural damage to your home and furniture, costing you hundreds or thousands when not taking care of early. Know the signs to stop the problem early on.

1. Odors

You may be able to smell the pests before you see them or notice damage caused by them. If you smell a musty, sweet odor, you might have bed bugs. Mice have a musty scent while you may smell soy sauce or oil if you have roaches.

2. Weird Sounds

You’ll be happy to know those tapping, scratching or pitter-pattering noises aren’t ghosts. You won’t be happy to know they might be mice or rats inside of your walls or underneath your floorboards.

3. Small Holes

If you suspect you have unwanted guests, check your floors and walls for small holes, in particular, in or around the property. This is where those unwelcome tenants entered your home.

4. Sagging Floors

If you notice your floor is sagging in certain areas, this might be an indication of something eating the floor underneath, which is causing compromised areas in your flooring. You might notice the floors or other areas where there’s wood sound hollow.

5. Sawdust-like Substance on the Floor

Examine the floor. If you notice tannish-colored pellets that resemble sawdust, you more than likely have termites. These pellets are their excrement.

6. Nibble Marks

If you notice small, weird markings on your furniture or cabinets, some little creature was probably feasting or trying to make a nest. Look inside your cabinets for any packages that have been broken open. Evaluate the area for crumbs left behind. This is a sign some animal may have been feasting on your groceries.

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