What Causes Bed Bugs, And How Do They Spread ?

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What causes bed bugs ?

It seems bed bugs have been around forever, their fossilized bodies have been found at archeological sites. Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks have used them to treat various complaints and disorders. They are believed to have originated within caves frequent by bats in the Middle East. Wherever humans are they flourish, so bed bugs reach are international.

Fast forward to the 20th century, these parasites had become familiar to at least one-third of the American population. However, when the insecticide DDT was employed to eliminate all unwanted bugs, the bed bug suffered a tremendous blow and the infestation decrease.

Unfortunately, DDT was not only toxic to bugs, but it resulted in health issues for pets, birds as well as human beings. By the 1970s, the spraying and dusting of this potent substance became forbidden.

These days, there is a great resurgence of annoying bed bugs and with the mode of transportation making it easier to travel these days, this problem is more difficult than ever to treat and requires persistence.

How bed bugs can spread ?

Bed bugs are very resources and love hitching a ride any way they can. This includes crawling into luggage, hiding in the seams of mattresses, stowing away in the crevices of sofas or concealing themselves in the lining of a second-hand coat or the joints in wooden furniture.

Being very fertile they, for instance, females lay approximately 500 eggs during her lifetime and within months her offspring will do the same. They also mate within the immediate family, so producing is a constant.

Hotels, airplanes, trains, theaters and everywhere people gather, there is a chance of picking up bed bugs. The increase in immigration can play a huge role in this area.

Although bed bugs are thought only to occupy places that are unclean, this is not true. They have been found in some of the finest hotels as well as elite places. The best line of defense against these insects is prevention. Make sure to check out material on and offline to decrease your chances of experiencing bed bug infestations.

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